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No Doubt Guarantee

The STEP UP experience helps every willing youth who participates:


to better plan ways to achieve the basic skills required of adults in this society,.

To know clearly when they are acting as a child AND when they are making decisions as a young adult.

To become the person people want to help reach their goals.

Every participant who experiences the STEP-UP program and follows the planning charts in

the STEp-UP Workbook will be:


Better able to map out a real plan to achieve dreams.

Better able to interact in a world to achieve their dreams—not become a barrier to others achieving theirs.

Better able to serve others in every community in which they are a part.

Better able to ask for the assistance needed to achieve short and long term goals.

Better able to see how behaviors directly impact fundamental freedoms all Americans are trained to enjoy.

Better able to determine where persistent efforts will produce the most short and long term rewards.


We strive for professional excellents


All of our staff are highly qualified and specially trained. Our academic coaches and mentors hold teaching or counseling credentials and have at least a master’s degree. Most of our staff are bilingual, and all have experience working with youth and parents. All of our staff have undergone a rigorous background check, and fingerprinting through the Department of Justice.

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