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I am Dr. Mel Palmer, Emotions Energy Practitioner, Coach, and Speaker; trained in solution-focused coaching and solution-focused transformational energy healing with a history of groundbreaking successes in the transformational energy healing industry.


After removing my own discomfort with identifying emotions, I founded Emotions Innovation, LLC, a Holistic Energy Healing practice focused on releasing trapped emotions. I have specialized in working with individuals to heal their bodies and minds naturally without being invasive by combining effective coaching strategies, Brief Solution Focused  Therapy and NLP with other cutting-edge energy healing techniques.


It's time to release your TRAPPED EMOTIONS so you can have the life you so richly deserve. It's Time to Ditch Your Emotional Baggage and Physical Pain!


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You have chronic pain and pills only provide short term relief. 


  • Your gut says you are being held hostage by adverse events and experiences from the past

  • Your sleep is often interrupted by bad dreams and night sweats. 


I have good news that you may find surprising. You are experiencing this because you have unprocessed negative emotions from your past. These trapped emotions are causing you problems. The GREAT news is that I can find them, and delete them from your body. 



How I Can Help You